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Information for Donors

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Being open and transparent with our supporters is important to us. Can’t find the information you're looking for here? Let us know at 1-800-563-2642 or  

Transparency and Accountability 

Sharing detailed information about our operations and our financials is key to maintaining the trust that our supporters place in us. We take our responsibility to be transparent with our donors and partners very seriously.
We share our annual financials with donors, partners and the public at our annual general meeting, online, by phone (1-800-563-2642) and in our annual report.

Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles for not-for-profit organizations, and are also audited by an external auditor, KPMG LLP Chartered Accountants. 

How We Raise Money 

Like most charities in Canada, we raise money for our programs in lots of different ways. We hold fundraising events, develop partnerships with corporate and community partners, apply for grants and we manage charity lottery products like scratch cards and bingo games. 

We also undertake what's called "direct marketing" fundraising. Our direct marketing program includes email fundraising (we email our donors to request donations) and letter mail fundraising (we send our donors, as well as potential donors, packages in the mail to request donations). 

It also includes face-to-face fundraising (when representatives from our organization request donations on city streets or by going door-to-door) and tele-fundraising (when representatives from our organization request donations over the phone).  

Donor Rights 

We take your rights seriously. As a CNIB Foundation donor, you have the right to: 

  • Be treated respectfully at all times. 
  • Be informed about how we intend to use your donation.
  • Know that we're using your donation for the purpose for which it was given.
  • Read our most recent financial statements. 
  • Receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition for your support.
  • Know that we're handling your information with respect and confidentiality to the extent required by law.
  • Ask questions about your donation and receive truthful answers promptly. 
  • Have any complaints dealt with in a professional and timely manner. 
  • Know whether an individual asking you for donations for the CNIB Foundation is a volunteer, employee or hired solicitor.
  • Ask for your name to be deleted from mailing lists we may intend to share with other organizations, or to be removed from our mailing list entirely. 


We believe wholeheartedly in our donors' right to privacy. From time to time, we may make our supporter list available to other carefully selected organizations. By agreeing to disclose your name, you’ll occasionally receive offers of interest, as well as help us to find new donors and raise more money to support individuals living with sight loss. If you prefer to only receive mail from us and not other organizations, please email or call 1-800-563-2642. Visit our Privacy page to read our Privacy Policy in full.  

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Join our community now and become part of a passionate group of people working to create a more inclusive Canada and a bolder future for everyone with sight loss.

The CNIB Foundation will send you updates on major campaigns and announcements, along with our community e-newsletter, Insight. We respect your privacy and will never share your information with third parties. View our privacy policy.