The Future We Demand

Young woman walks with white cane on campus while wearing a backpack.

The Way Forward is so much more than a strategic plan. It’s a manifesto for the future CNIB and the people we serve are working to create together. It’s a glimpse into a much larger vision – with an ultimate goal of creating a completely barrier-free society for our community in the decades ahead.

We demand a future in which Canadians who are blind, partially sighted, or Deafblind…


  • live in a world that feels fully inclusive and accessible to them.
  • have equitable opportunities in all areas of life, from education to work to social inclusion.
  • have affordable access to the cutting-edge assistive technologies they need to live, work, and play independently. 
  • feel that their level of sight is not a struggle or a hardship, but a part of their lives that can sometimes pose minor inconveniences at most.
  • have easy and affordable access to barrier-free transportation, whether they’re travelling across town or across the country.
  • feel that they’re part of a thriving and welcoming community of people who are blind, low vision, or Deafblind nationwide.

We demand a future in which the average Canadian…


  • understands how to interact with someone who is blind, partially sighted, or Deafblind in a respectful, inclusive, and welcoming way.
  • recognizes that blindness is a spectrum, and every person is unique; each has different experiences, different challenges, and different abilities.
  • would hire a qualified person who is blind or partially sighted without hesitation, if given the opportunity.
  • understands that members of our community have unique challenges that can require support and accommodations, but also understands they can do just about anything with the right support and accommodations. 


Your support will help bring The Way Forward to life.

Every dollar can make a difference.