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Achilles Ottawa - Sunday Running Club

Type d'événement
In Person
Type de programme
Culture, Sport & Recreation Programs

Central Experimental Farm
960 Carling Ave.
Ottawa ON K1A 0C6

Achilles Ottawa is a national capital-based running club which is creating a community of support for runners who are blind and or partially sighted, of all levels and backgrounds, as well as guide runners. 

Whether you are an elite runner or just starting out on your running journey--you can do a walk/run, too. 

Athletes and guides are paired up, and given a lightweight 8-foot bamboo pole--guide on the front, athlete on the back-this way athletes and guides can run together without having to be too close.

Currently, the Achilles Ottawa running club offers Sunday morning runs starting at 10 a.m. at the Experimental Farm. 

Both athletes and guides are welcome. Anyone who would like to learn more can sent an email to