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Connecting with Technology is an adapted curriculum developed by the CNIB Foundation, addressing the unique needs of blind and partially sighted technology users.  It consists of a series of hands-on, interactive workshops presented at CNIB offices or community facilities throughout British Columbia. During COVID-19, all training sessions are offered online via Zoom – the fully accessible video-conferencing platform.

Various forms of assistive technology are covered, with an emphasis on iOS and Windows 10 devices. Topics covered include voice-activated personal assistants, talking book players, apps for reading the printed word, apps for real-time sighted help, and screen-reading and magnification solutions.

If you would like to book an assistive technology session for your facility or group, free of charge, please contact Craig Faris, Program Lead, Technology at or call 604-431-2121 x6093, or refer to our printable Connecting with Technology flyer for further details.

Available Workshops

Assistive Technology 101

Audiobooks on demand, make the screen easier to see, hear messages read aloud … Come and discover how tech can change your life!

iOS Accessibility 101

Learn about the accessibility features built into iPhones and iPads – and how to make text bigger or have it read aloud.

Windows Accessibility 101

Windows 10 PCs boast a range of magnification and screen-reading options.  Some are built in; some must be installed.  All can help you, whether you have low or no vision!

Staying Safe and Getting Connected

Wi-fi networks vs. mobile data … How to prolong battery life … And what about identity theft?  Join us for tips and tricks every tech user should know.

Staying in Touch

Video-chatting with the grandkids … Exchanging text and email messages with loved-ones … It’s easier than you think; join us to learn how!

Helpful Apps for Freedom and Independence

Discover handy iPhone apps that can help you read print, identify groceries, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, get sighted assistance and more.

It’s in the Cloud!

Hear all your favorite music, organize your photos and files … There’s an app for that; join us to learn more.

Putting AI to Work

The greatest wearable devices … The latest navigation apps … Come try them out and learn how they could enhance your life!

Assistive Technology at Work

Magnification and screen-reading, OCR, visual interpreter services and Braille … Hear about the solutions that help blind people in the workplace.

For a more detailed overview of the Connecting with Technology program, feel free to download and print our brochure.

To register for upcoming workshops in your area, please contact Alfredo del Arenal, Program Coordinator, Technology at or call 604-431-2121 x6030.

The CNIB Foundation is grateful to the Government of Canada's Digital Literacy Exchange Program for funding our Connecting with Technology program.

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