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Meet Our Volunteers

From the caring Canadians who work directly with our participants as Vision Mates, to those who answer the phones or organize events, volunteers are the lifeblood of the CNIB Foundation. Meet some of the amazing people who make up our volunteer team. 

Cindy sits with two Dining in the Dark guests, who are wearing blindfolds.

Meet Cindy

Cindy Antle drove past CNIB on The Boulevard every evening on her way home from work for 13 years, before retiring as a registered nurse. She knew about the CNIB but never gave the charity much thought after passing it on her daily commute. This changed after she lost her sight.
Genevieve assists a man using a brailler.

Meet Genevieve

Genevieve began volunteering with CNIB in April 2011, starting as a vision mate and event volunteer. Three years later she was asked to begin teaching a person with sight loss who wanted to improve their braille. She accepted and has been volunteering as a braille teacher ever since.
Michael using the phone at his desk at the Hub.

Meet Michael

Michael Warren provides administrative support at the Toronto Community Hub. Always with a smile on his face, he's often the first point of contact for visitors. He says he felt like he was part of something from the beginning.
Roger and Ales.

Meet Ales

Ales Janosik had never known someone who is blind, but now he can’t imagine life without his good friend, Roger. Since 2014, Ales has been a Vision Mate volunteer to Roger – a Charlottetown man who is blind.
Bob Huber stands outside of the Saskatchewan legislative building with his two dogs, smiling with his sunglasses on and green Roughrider ball cap.

Meet Bob

Because of the help he received from peer group, Bob no longer puts limits on what he can or can’t do and he hopes the group is doing the same for others with vision loss. “Thanks to them I have more confidence when I leave my home and the world is not such a scary place anymore. I want others that are struggling with vision loss to know it gets better.”
Shruti helping a caller at reception

Meet Shruti

“My primary job was to train volunteers on how to interact with, and what to expect from their blind and partially sighted “mates”. Through sharing my own story and experiences I was able to help put them at ease with regards to their vision mate role.”
Dorothy smiling

Meet Dorothy

Dorothy raises funds that make new programs possible!
Dining and Wine-ing in the Dark, Night Steps to Bakesales! “If I can help raise funds and raise awareness of how CNIB has helped me and can help others, it is worthwhile”
Carol with Verna in a garden.

Meet Carol

Vision Mates like Carol directly help individuals in their community!
Barely a month into my new role, I can’t imagine post-employment life without Verna and Buster.

Meet Alexa

I’m a recent graduate of the University of Windsor’s biological sciences and psychology program. It’s been seven months since I started volunteering and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience and the relationship we’ve developed. For more of Alex's story
Charlene Young

Meet Charlene

Giving Back – Charlene Young's Story
For Charlene Young giving back is more than just a passion, it has given her life more meaning.

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