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Diversity & Inclusion: We are CNIB

The communities we serve are diverse and rich in culture and history. There are many factors that overlap with one’s sight loss journey. How these factors work together to form a person’s lived experience is essential in shaping their identity.

Here, we will explore the many faces and facets of intersectionality with being blind, partially sighted or Deafblind. By learning, and sharing our personal experiences and growth, we are changing the perception of what it means to have sight loss. 

Through the panel discussions, podcasts and interviews found on this page, hear from our participants about their experiences. 

We've also put together a list of resources highlighting CNIB programs, external organizations, and media that focus on sight loss and other intersecting identities. Download our Diversity & Inclusion Resources document.

The Lens  Living Diverse Podcast

In ‘The Lens: Living Diverse’, Ben Akuoko, Neisha Mitchell and Vivi Dabee explore the many facets of intersectionality from a blind, partially sighted and Deafblind perspective. Hear from special guests and witness honest and frank conversations about sight loss, diversity, equity, inclusivity, and our shared experiences. Listen and learn how gender, race, religion, and sexuality all play a crucial role in shaping one’s identity. 

Podcast playlist: 

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CNIB Intersectionality Series

In this series, we reflect with our participants on the importance of taking an intersectional approach to sight loss. Meet CNIB participants who represent the many faces of our community and learn how gender, race, religion, sexuality, and additional disabilities played crucial roles in their lived experiences and sight loss journeys. This project was made possible by the Canadian Heritage Fund.

CNIB Intersectionality Series – Introduction

CNIB Intersectionality Series – Meet Bernard

CNIB Intersectionality Series – Meet Sarah

CNIB Intersectionality Series – Meet Theresa

CNIB Intersectionality Series – Meet Tina

CNIB Intersectionality Series – Meet Yomi

National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

To honour the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, this special 90-minute Lunch n’ Learns was led by the participants of CNIB’s First Nations Peer Support Group. The peer support program, which is based in Thunder Bay Ontario, has been running for more than ten years. This Lunch n’ Learn includes discussions about the lived experiences of Indigenous people who are CNIB participants. They share their experiences about the many challenges they have faced as Indigenous people during their time at residential schools, the lasting impact of the schools on their communities, and the healing journey they take for the years following. Recorded in September 2021. 

Black History Month 2021: Advocacy, Sight Loss & the Black Experience 

Sight loss and racial identity are commonly addressed as separate advocacy issues, but what happens when they intersect? In this CNIB Lunch n’ Learn, we dive into the lived experiences of people with sight loss from the Black community. Led by two members of Black Voices United, a peer support group for Black Canadians who identify as blind, partially sighted and Deafblind, this in-depth panel discussion examines intersectionality and how community members can ensure we’re working together to create safe and welcoming spaces for everyone. 

Guest speakers: Tomi Adesina & Bernard Akuoko. 
Recorded on February 18, 2021.

Pride Month Celebration 2021 

In this CNIB Lunch n’ Learn, we're joined by three guest speakers who are blind or partially sighted and also identify as part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. The panellist shared their experiences as blind or partially sighted members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community and discussed how CNIB and other non-profits can build stronger relationships with the 2SLGBTQ+ disability community.

Guest speakers: Kaye, Lucie and Richard.
Recorded on May 31, 2021.

There is power in uniqueness when you live at the intersection of all the groups you identify with. If you have an idea for a topic and/or you would like to discuss the material found on this page, please send an email to

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