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AMI is a not-for-profit media company that entertains, informs and empowers Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. 

AMI-audio is a national accessible television channel that offers a variety of original live content—through programs like NOW with Dave Brown, The Pulse and Kelly and Company—to Canadians who are blind, partially sighted or print restricted. AMI-tv is a national English language channel that is part of the basic cable package offered by most television providers. AMI-tv offers Canadians of all abilities—through Integrated Described Video—empowering original programming like AMI This Week, Employable Me and Eyes for the Job. Operating three broadcast services, AMI-tv and AMI-audio in English and AMI-télé in French, AMI’s vision is to establish and support a voice for Canadians with disabilities, representing their interests, concerns and values through accessible media, reflection and portrayal. To learn more visit or AMI-télé.

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