An orientation and mobility instructor walks with a man using a cane across a crosswalk

Orientation and mobility

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Orientation and mobility services for guide dog handlers

Orientation and mobility specialists are your allies in the process of acquiring and working with a guide dog.

If you’re interested in getting a guide dog in the future, orientation and mobility specialists can work with you to hone your cane skills and help you apply to a guide dog school.

If you already have a guide dog, orientation and mobility specialists can help you learn to navigate an unfamiliar environment, like a new workplace or school, with your dog. They can also offer support if your guide dog is injured or ill for a prolonged period. 

Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada is your source for orientation and mobility instruction. Visit the Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada website for more information about services near you.

The school where you got your guide dog may also be able to support you at different points in your guide dog experience. Consult our list of guide dog schools to learn more.