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When we asked more than 4,000 Canadians impacted by blindness what they want from life and how CNIB can help, they told us, quite simply: “We want it all.” 

Through our 2018-2022 strategic plan, “Bold dreams, bright futures”, we’re going to take bold action to create the bright future they want, expect and deserve. 

Our strategic ambitions:

1. Boost participation in the world of work
A job is so much more than just a paycheque: it's a means to self-reliance, a source of identity and pride and a gateway to a brighter future. 

From the moment children are old enough to dream what they'll be when they grow up, through every stage of their education and careers, we'll fuel their ambition and champion their equal participation in the world of work.

2. Unleash the power of technology
Technology can level the playing field for people who are blind or partially sighted – but only when it's accessible, available and affordable. 

We'll fight to connect people of all ages with the cutting-edge technology they need and want and help them build the skills to capitalize on its potential.

3. Drive achievement and equality
Life is a beautiful, wonderful, crazy thing. Life with blindness should be no different. 

We'll embolden people who are blind or partially sighted to lead independent, active lives and chase their dreams – and we'll smash the stigma and barriers that stand in their way.

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Download Bold Dreams, Bright Futures Update – Seeing Beyond 2020