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TTC CNIB Transit Pass Update

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In 2018, eligible CNIB clients were provided with a new CNIB TTC card to use when travelling on the system. This card is set to expire on January 31, 2021. The TTC will be extending the expiry date to January 31, 2024.

While you do not need to get a new card, you will be required to tap your card on a PRESTO device (card reader or self-serve machine) on any PRESTO Transit Agency, or visit a Shoppers Drug Mart location or PRESTO Customer Service Outlet that has a point-of-sale device to update the expiry date on your TTC identification card. If you do not do this by April 30, 2021, you will be unable to use your card to travel on the TTC.

As a reminder, even though your CNIB TTC card functions like a regular PRESTO card, you should not load any money onto the card or change the fare setting on your card. If you travel on any other transit systems that use PRESTO, you should use a separate card to pay for your journey. When travelling on the TTC you must continue to tap your CNIB TTC card every time you board a vehicle on the street and when you enter a station. The reader will recognize your card as a CNIB TTC card and you will not be charged a fare.

For more information about the TTC CNIB Transit Pass, including eligibility requirements, visit: http://www.ttc.ca/Fares_and_passes/Other_Passes/CNIB.jsp

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