Introducing CNIB Unbound, our new virtual book club

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Close-up of books stacked togetherAre you an avid reader, but you wish you had someone to talk to about your latest read? Want to join an accessible book club, but don't have time for in-person meetings? Then you'll love our new virtual book club, CNIB Unbound!

Housed on Facebook, the club gives members an interactive community where they can read together, swap notes and perspectives on what they've read, and talk about all things books – from their favourite writers to the latest accessible reading technologies on the market. 

"We're so excited about this club," says CNIB Foundation Literacy Program Lead, Karen Brophey. "In a very short time, it's become a really engaging online community where people are not only reading together, but getting to know each other and having lots of back-and-forth about their favourite books." 

According to Karen, that's the ultimate goal of the club: to help people build a sense of community through their love of reading, all in a way that's 100% accessible and welcoming to people with print disabilities. 

But Karen is quick to add that there's a lot more to CNIB Unbound than discussions on the Facebook page. One of the cornerstones of the club is the CNIB Unbound podcast, an audio experience that takes readers beyond the book itself. It gives listeners exclusive audio content related to the featured book – from interviews with book authors and audio book narrators, to conversations with experts in the field of publishing. 

"The podcast is a very cool feature of this club," says Karen. "It's like getting a backstage pass for the book, and helps you think about what you've read in all new ways." 

Ready to join the club? Visit the CNIB Unbound Facebook group or type the words "CNIB Unbound" into the Facebook search bar. 

Cover of Late Breaking book by K.D. MillerCheck out the first CNIB Unbound featured book… 

"Late Breaking" by K.D. Miller

Named by the "Globe and Mail" as one of the best books of 2018, "Late Breaking" is a gothic, uncanny mosaic inspired by the paintings of Alex Colville. Exploring the vulnerability of the elder heart, and proving that love and sex and heartbreak are not only the domain of the young, this gorgeous linked collection of short fiction offers up a strong whiff of Jackson-esque gothic.

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