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Meet the Talent Pool

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Come to Work introduces employers to an innovative talent pool of Canadians who are blind or partially sighted and provides job seekers with work experience. Meet some members of the Come to Work talent pool!


Binta has been partially sighted for five years. Her glaucoma led to several surgeries, and she lost her job when she lost her sight. CNIB’s Come to Work program was a great motivator because it helped her entertain different job possibilities and realize that there might still be opportunities for her in the labour market. Read her story

Janna Faris

Janna Faris wants to break down barriers and shatter glass ceilings. As a Canadian with sight loss, searching for a job was one of the most stressful experiences of her life. Through CNIB’s Come to Work program, she was able to secure a position with the Government of BC. Today, she aims to educate everyone about accessibility and inclusion. Blind since birth, Janna’s ultimate goal is to help others with disabilities find employment. Read her story

Ann Harnish

Ann Harnish loves working in the mental health field. If asked, she would tell you it’s what she was born to do. When she began losing her sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa, she became depressed and found herself in a very dark place – concerned that she would lose her job if she told her employer about her deteriorating sight. With help from CNIB’s Come to Work program, Ann gained the confidence and tools to continue doing a job she loves – and she’s thriving. Read her story

Amy Verwoerd

“In college, I realized a big passion of mine is advocating to make the world and communities a better place for people with sight loss.” Through Come to Work, Amy Verwoerd, was able to find her voice. Read her story.

Stefanie Volpe

The Come to Work program helped Stefanie Volpe learned how to ace an interview. Today, she works as a Mentor Coordinator for the Family Support and Education Centre in Maple Ridge, BC. Read her story.

Elizabeth Mohler

For many people with sight loss, navigating the workplace can be challenging. Since March, Toronto’s Elizabeth Mohler has been attending several of the CNIB Foundation's virtual programs, including Come to Work, which is designed to open doors to talent with sight loss. Read her story.

Runa Patel

Runa Patel, a Come to Work talent pool member, is one of the top salespeople at Microsoft’s Yorkdale location. She was introduced to the company at a Come to Work networking event. As job seekers explore career opportunities, Runa shares her top tips for putting your best foot forward. Read her story.