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TeamPlay: Sports Anywhere, Anytime, with Anyone!

Start Date August 31, 2023 9:00 am EDT
End Date March 31, 2024 5:00 pm EDT
Event Type
In Person
Program Type
Children & Youth Programs

We can accomplish amazing things with a great team around us! Are you a child or youth who would like to participate in sport, be physically active on a regular basis, play with your family, friends, neighbours or classmates? TheTeamPlay program and lets all work together to make it happen!

TeamPlay is a skills development program focused on learning and growing. Learn the skills of a sport, any sport, and then layer in the adaptations needed to make it more accessible to you as a person with vision loss. Grow your confidence, your ability to speak up for what you need and work as part of a team to accomplish your goals.

TeamPlay focuses on allowing you to play wherever you want, whenever you choose, with whomever you wish. This program leverages all the amazing community partners, coaches, sports experts that already exists. We draw upon their love for their sport, learn the skills from these experts. Love to play soccer? Let a soccer coach teach you the skills. Love hockey?  A dedicated and passionate hockey coach can teach you the skills needed. We want to create a sustainable lifestyle full of activity and community connection.

This is a program open to all Ontario children and youth (generally between the ages of 4-21) who are able to set their own sports, health and fitness goal, big or small. 

he program is pretty simple in it's design but only successful when you work as a team. The participant sets a goal of learning to play a sport, any sport, and CNIB, the participant, the parents, the community, all work together as a team to make the goal. 

Registration required. To register or learn more, please contact Ryan Van Praet, Program Lead, Partnerships Recreation and Sports at or call 226-219-7626.

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