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Join Me in '23 – Exploring Sport Across Ontario

Start Date April 3, 2023 9:00 am EDT
End Date March 31, 2024 5:00 pm EDT
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Culture, Sport & Recreation Programs

Discover the power of human potential this year by combining your hard work and dedication along with the support of CNIB; then let the magic happen! Join Ontario Sports Lead, Ryan Van Praet as he sets off to conquer some personal sports goals and change what it means to be blind through adaptive sports as we discover the power of play.

A note from Ryan: Hey sports fans! It's your neighbourhood athlete living with vision loss, Ryan! I am inviting you to join me over the next year in my quest to shine a light on how most sports can be adapted, the great athletes, guides and community partners that help make them a success and show how you can accomplish really great things by learning and putting the right supports in place, take a chance on a new sport and of course have fun! For those that don't know, I’m an avid triathlete, curler, golfer (although very terrible at it), and general participant in many other sports. But don’t let this intimidate you because this challenge is for athletes of any level! I'm dedicated to helping folks get active and stay active for life despite age, experience or skill. Remember – I was once new into this space and had trouble finding my groove as well.
How does the program work? I have challenged myself to tackle at least 23 different athletic activities this year and will also recruit a few CNIB fellow staff and volunteers along the way to challenge themselves to complete their own goals; working as a team to promote public awareness for athletes living with vision loss! These 23 athletic activities will take place at various locations across the entire Ontario landscape including rural and urban communities. Activities will be a mix of already existing community events (charity events or competitions) or one-time "Give it a shot" outings we create! If you see an activity in your region that you'd like to try but it is outside your region the team still encourages you to get involved. We can still help make it happen! I will work with you to find resources, make connections and help get you on the right track for success. We will continue to encourage you when the training gets tough  while you put in the hard work to accomplish goals throughout the entire year.
The Support of CNIB: I love the old saying of "give a person a fish and they will eat for a day, teach a person to fish and they will eat for the rest of their lives." I will help teach, coach and mentor you to  accomplish the activity you choose. = I will help you through the steps needed  such as discussing things like "how will I get there," "can I afford it, or do I need assistance?"  "what equipment do I need?" "Do I need a guide and how do I find them?" CNIB may have some resources to assist, such as community connections or equipment for loan. Remember, in order to participate and accomplish a challenge you will also have to be resourceful and resilient! You will learn skills such as how to search for what's available to you, learn to self advocate, problem solve and create new connections. As a team, we can make it happen!

Why Participate? I think most any activity can be adapted to be enjoyed by persons living with vision loss, allowing them to create a fun and active lifestyle within their communities. Including the option of participating alongside your family, friends and community members.You have great potential, it lives just on the other side of your comfort zone! Let's make 2023 a year where you learn and experience and so many new things.

Registration required. To register or learn more, please contact Ryan Van Praet, Program Lead, Partnerships Recreation and Sports at or call 226-219-7626.

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