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 A black and white illustration of two people walking. One person has a white cane, the other is providing sighted guide.  Beside them is an illustration of a horizontal arrow. Above the arrow is the text: 2 metres. Below the arrow is the text: 6 feet. Next to the arrow is a black and white illustration of a woman pushing a shopping cart.  She is entering a yellow and black illustration of a storefront.

COVID-19 Accessibility Recommendations

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People living with sight loss often experience barriers that prevent them from participating fully in society. As restaurants, retail stores and municipalities begin to reopen and introduce new operating conditions and procedures to stop the spread of COVID-19, the CNIB Foundation is providing recommendations to help remove barriers and ensure that indoor and outdoor spaces are accessible for all.  

Together, with your support, we can transform our communities into beacons of accessibility and inclusion, where everyone can live, work and play without barriers.

Downloadable documents:

Watch our how-to video series:

With thanks to Colin Marnoch of Vision Loss Rehabilitation Manitoba, CNIB Manitoba Champions, and Food Fare.