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A photograph from the late ‘80s. Dimitrios plays the accordion. A young Angela sits on the left. Her sister sits on the right. 

Celebrating Parenthood

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As part of a new CNIB blog series, we’re talking to parents (and their children!) about their experiences parenting with sight loss and/or growing up with a parent who is blind or partially sighted and/or parenting a child living with sight loss.

Ashley Nemeth and Rhonda Underhill-Gray

Ashley & Rhonda dive into the complexities of motherhood and what it’s like to witness their children grow into teenagers and young adults. Read their blog.

Michelle Van Dyk

Michelle shares a Facebook post she penned about motherhood and the things she wishes she knew when her daughter, Emma, started losing her vision. Read her blog

Dimitrios Prountzopoulos and Angela Bonfanti

CNIB's Senior Vice President, Angela Bonfanti and her father, Dimitrios Prountzopoulos, discuss their family's experience with sight loss. Read their blog.