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About CNIB Connects

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CNIB Connects is a new membership program for Canadians who are blind, partially sighted or Deafblind. Free to enroll in, the program was developed to connect participants with exclusive promotions on products and services from leading Canadian businesses who are committed to improving the accessibility of their offerings. 

How does the program work?

Enrolled members gain access to exclusive deals and discounts offered by participating CNIB Connects partners. To take advantage of these promotional offers, members may use a unique promotional code at checkout or provide their CNIB Connects membership ID number to partner vendors to complete transactions.

The CNIB Connects program is separate from the CNIB cardHow do they differ? Well, the CNIB card is only available to Canadians who meet the requirements for legal blindness. It can be used as proof of disability for some government programs and tax benefits. It may also entitle you to some concessions from governments and community partners.

CNIB Connects on the other hand is a new digital membership program that gives people with sight loss exclusive discounts on everything from furniture to appliances to technology from our retail partners. It’s free to enroll in and you don’t need a referral of any kind.

Enhancing the customer experience. 

Bridging the accessibility gap amongst Canadian businesses and ensuring equal access to information, products, and services is a key part of the CNIB Connects program mandate. While we can't make every business in Canada fully accessible overnight, every CNIB Connects partner has made a commitment to improving accessibility of their offerings. 

As part of their accessibility journey, CNIB Frontier Accessibility will perform a basic assessment and provide recommendations for CNIB Connects partners. Partners aren’t required to engage CNIB Frontier Accessibility to provide accessibility solutions.

Help drive change by sharing your feedback.

CNIB Connects members will also have an opportunity to share feedback about their accessible and inaccessible customer experiences. This could be feedback about overall content accessibility, website accessibility, or accessibility of goods and services, including documents, services and facilities.

Sharing your experience will help our partners identify and remove barriers and respond to concerns to improve the accessibility of their products and services to help serve you better. CNIB will regularly share collected feedback with CNIB Connects partners to enhance the customer experience and show them how well they are meeting their customers' needs. 

Through the CNIB Connects program, we hope to create a more accessible Canada.

Get started.

Become a CNIB Connects member now.


Have questions about CNIB Connects? We’re here to answer them! 

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