Eye Safety Workshops

Are you doing all you can to reduce the high costs of eye injuries in the workplace?

Safety at work bannerEvery day in Canada, 700 workers sustain on-the-job eye injuries. Not only are these injuries common, they are also costly, resulting in:
  • Expensive medical and rehabilitation care,
  • Lost profits and working days, and
  • Increased workers’ compensation premiums.

Not to mention the significant human cost – the devastation caused to workers who lose their sight, and to their families, and the effects that eye injuries have on workplace morale and retention.

Participants in an Eye Safety WorkshopThe vast majority of eye injuries are preventable with proper eyewear and safety measures. Investing in on-the-job eye safety program is the best way to motivate and educate your employees and prevent eye injuries.

The Vision Health Experts

During a 90-minute CNIB Eye Safety workshop at your location, your employees will:

  • Learn about vision loss from someone who experiences it every day, hear their instructor’s personal story about living with vision loss, and have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Learn about the consequence of eye injuries resulting from a variety of workplace activities and industries.
  • Participate in hands-on activities to get a sense of how it feels to face the challenges of vision loss..
  • Receive free materials about eye safety to serve as a daily reminder in the workplace.

CNIB Industrial Eye Safety Program Partners

CNIB would like to thank the following partners of the Industrial Eye Safety Program :