Personal Stories​

Meet Barrington Brown Barrington Brown

After 44-year-old Barrington lost his vision, he continued his love of reading through braille, and hopes to someday become a braille instructor.

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Meet November Davies November Davies

November Davies, 42, lost her sight to diabetic retinopathy and credits CNIB with providing the tools she needed to regain independence.

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Meet Kim Marsden Kim Marsden

36-year-old Kim Marsden says when she lost her vision she was a young diabetic who was about to get married, with a lot going on in her life.

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Meet Cathy MacDonald Cathy MacDonald

Cathy MacDonald barely remembers that first Easter after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just four years old.

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Meet Sharon Kanhai Sharon Kanhai

When Sharon Kanhai was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 11, it didn’t prevent her from experiencing all of the major milestones of a young adulthood.

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