Personal Stories

There are other people, just like you, who are living with age-related macular degeneration. Here are just a few stories of Canadians who are living – and thriving – with AMD.

Meet Elva HasselfeldtElva Hasselfeldt

99-year-old Elva Hasselfeldt is a retired art teacher and CNIB client. She says she started to live again when she rediscovered sculpture art at the AGO.

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Meet Joan RorkeJoan Rorke

Joan Rorke doesn't let AMD slow her down - she is taking computer classes at CNIB so that she can buy an iPad.

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Meet Brian Brisebois

Brian BriseboisBrian Brisebois was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) at age 58. Now he is a vocal advocate for eye health and dedicates countless hours to the cause.​

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Meet Shirley Thomson

Shirley ThomsonFor Shirley, it wasn’t easy finding out that she had AMD; but now, she realizes that it’s important to keep moving forward with life and the things that she enjoys.

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Meet John Boyd

John BoydJohn used to be an editor, so reading, writing and editing print were a big part of his life. After retirement, he dedicated a big part of his life to art and painting. Since being diagnosed with dry AMD, his ability to paint has been affected and he no longer paints.

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Meet Betty Ann Baker

Betty Ann Baker“I was driving home from a charity event one night when the vision in my right eye became blurry,” Betty recalls.

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