Self Advocacy

If you’ve experienced a loss of vision because of AMD, you’ll need to take an active role in managing your condition. Reading Eye Connect: AMD is a good first step in educating yourself.

Using the resources provided – including how to prepare for your eye doctor visits and questions to ask your eye doctor – will help ensure that you receive timely and accurate information from your eye doctor, proper treatment and ongoing care.

You can help take control of your vision health through:

Diagnosis: Speak to your eye doctor about your diagnosis and ask for up-to-date information about AMD. To assist you, bring a list of questions to ask your eye doctor to your appointment. 

Treatment: Educate yourself about AMD treatment options so you can make an informed decision.

Support: Allow your family and friends to help you manage your eye health. Share information with them about the disease management options available to you, include them as part of your ongoing care, and bring them to your eye doctor appointments, low vision services and rehabilitation lessons.

Being an active participant in your vision health will eventually lead to better health outcomes.

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