If you’ve recently developed RVO, understanding what’s happening to your vision will help you make confident, informed decisions as you move forward. 

Sit down with your eye doctor and have an open conversation about how RVO is affecting your eyes and what you can do.

The following questions may help you start that conversation:

  • ​What is my exact diagnosis?

  • Do you know how my vision will be affected in the near and distant future? Do you know if my vision will get worse?

  • What can I do to protect or prolong my vision?

  • Can I make any lifestyle changes to protect my vision?

  • Are there any signs or symptoms that I should watch for and notify you about?

  • How often should I get my eyes examined?

  • What are your recommendations for me?

  • What are the risks, benefits and costs involved in treating RVO?

  • Will my provincial health plan or my insurance cover the treatments? 

  • How will my vision be affected after treatment?

  • Do you have any written information or resources so I can learn more about RVO?