Flash Module Instructions for JAWS Users

This module is a step-by-step resource to help people learn more about preventing vision loss. It features several pages of both animated graphics and text. All of the information shown through animated graphics is described.

Software Requirements

To use this module Adobe Flash must be installed on your computer. Download the flash player now.

In order for you to experience the full functionality and ease of use of this module, JAWS 7.1 must be installed on your computer. Upgrade your current version of JAWS to 7.1 or download a demo.

Navigation Instructions

To navigate through this module you should use the tab button to move from section to section. This is similar to how you navigate links on a webpage by pressing tab to go to the next link or press Shift + Tab to go to a previous link.

Once the page has finished loading you will hear a tone and then the page number will be read to you. Once this occurs you can tab through the elements within the Flash module. Pressing tab once will allow you to access the animated graphic on the page.

To proceed to the main text area, press tab. The text will automatically start reading.

After you have read the main text content, simply press tab again and you will hear 'next page button.' Press enter to go to the next page.

Pressing tab twice from the main text content will direct you to the 'previous page button.' Press enter to then go to the previous page.

Once you reach the twelfth and last page, simply press tab until you reach the 'exit button' and press enter to return to the CNIB website.

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