What People Are Saying

Meet the people CNIB helps - here is a sample of some of the things people are saying in letters and emails to CNIB:

'CNIB played a big role when my dad started to lose his vision. He learned many new skills to help him cope on a daily basis. He also got technology to help him cope with his vision loss at work and at home. But most importantly, CNIB brought him out of his depression because he has made lots of new friends there, who him feel really good about himself in spite of his vision problems. As his caregiver, CNIB has provided me a lot of info so that I can understand his situation better.'

'Since getting her new Victor reader [talking book player], my daughter is flying through books and enjoying them immensely. The assortment sent to her has been varied, interesting and appropriate for her age. I believe she's read 15 books since the spring, which is a BIG change from previous years. She's now exposed to a lot more literature that she probably would not have accessed otherwise. Thanks again.'

'Losing your sight suddenly is frightening and you feel alone and helpless. Your staff have assisted in my gaining my confidence; they made me feel that I was not alone and helpless and that they would be there for whatever I needed.'

'I am a Children's Aid Society caseworker. One of my youngest children has been fortunate enough to have the assistance of a CNIB specialist. There are certainly the direct pay-offs - customized programs and equipment to ameliorate her vision loss. But it may surprise you to know that there are other important and far-reaching benefits as well. As a result of your intervention, the child's caregivers have gradually developed a new way of looking at her needs and future. Rather than viewing her as someone with deficits, the new view is of someone with possibilities and options.'

'It [the peer support group] was the best thing that I could have gone to. It helped me when I was trying to get back on my feet. The group was there to listen and to share and that's what we all needed!'

I have Retinitis Pigmentosa. Through the direct efforts of the CNIB, I have been able to keep up with the progress of knowledge about this disease and what is being done in the medical community to find a cure. Through the CNIB and its lobbying of governments, I have been able to claim deductions on my income tax, and have been able to purchase top-quality computer equipment at huge discounts. And now I have logged onto the CNIB Digital Library; what an overwhelming site that is!! GO CNIB!

'I have already benefited from the training in my personal use of the computer. I was able to write a letter to my landlord about repairs that are required. Some of the repairs have been attended to within a matter of days of putting it into print.'

'Thanks to your timely referral, I've been working in my present job for the past 18 years. Thank you, CNIB!'

'The talking books and the accessible movies are such a blessing. Can't tell you how much I look forward to them. It is like getting a new lease on life. You are doing such good work for so many people. So thank you again for your help.'

'My father and I came to see you in Prince Albert to see if could assist him with his vision loss due to age-related macular degeneration. In all my dealings with you, you have been very helpful and have gone above and beyond. This is truly a testament to the dedication the CNIB has to the people it serves.'

(From a CNIB employee) 'One lady commented that she had begun preparations for long term care, feeling that as a result of her vision loss she would soon lose her independence. She said that was two years ago and she no longer feels that way. She added, 'A visit to CNIB and talking with the counselor restored my hope. I know now that I can live independently, and remain grateful for the support and information provided by CNIB.''

'I just wanted to say once again (or if I haven't already) how much I appreciate your hard work and effort in getting me the bursary for school. To say this has taken some of the pressure off for the coming year is a massive understatement. Quite simply, this is a huge deal for me and if would not have happened without your help.'

'At a time when there seemed to be no hope or light at the end of the tunnel the CNIB was there to pick me up and help me move on with my life and adjust to losing most of my vision at twenty-seven years old. The resources provided are incredibly helpful. I have met the most wonderful people and formed life-long friendships with those who have gone through what I have. CNIB staff made me feel like I deserved the world. They gave my world back to me after losing my ability to see it like I used to.'

'I became a client of the CNIB in 1996 at age 70. The CNIB understands the human need for freedom of independence, and for equality of accessibility in all aspects of community life. The CNIB inspired, challenged, and helped me to learn how to operate a computer in December 1999 and electronic mail, that magic communicator with the world. It virtually became my eyes. It enabled me to complete my part-time study at Queen's University for my B.A. degree in History. I earned my degree, graduating on my 75th birthday. My teenager's dream had come true. Thanks, CNIB.'