Accessibility Resources

Accessibility requires some thought

Web Accessibility:

Accessible Web Design Resources

There are many resources available online to provide web designers and managers with the tools and resources needed to plan, build and test accessible websites. We also offer web accessibility consultancy services including website audits, advice, presentations and seminars.


Clear Print Design Standard

Clear Print is an accessible design standard for printed items ranging from magazines to computer screens. The 10 variables explained in Clear Print can affect readers who have difficulty reading print - an increasingly large segment of today's market.

Built Environment:

Making Meetings and Seminars Accessible

Simple techniques and a little extra attention can help ensure successful meetings with participants who are living with vision loss.

Making Events Accessible To Participants With Vision Loss

Reach a wider audience by making your event accessible to people with vision loss. Contains guidelines on pre-event preparations, making materials, presentations and handouts more accessible, and safety and mobility on-site.

Creating an Accessible Workplace

Quick Tips for Employers

Creating an accessible workplace is easy and it will have a positive impact on your entire workforce. Thanks to technology, accommodating employees with vision loss takes little effort. Accommodation is simple, often inexpensive, and financial assistance is available. This document will provide a number of quick tips for creating an accessible workplace. It will help you provide accommodation on the job and during the hiring process. You will also find a list of additional resources. It is important to remember accommodation should be provided in consultation with the employee/applicant.

Quick Tips for Employees

It’s easy for your employer to ensure your workplace is accessible. Thanks to technology, it’s simple and often inexpensive. There is also financial assistance available if needed.