Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected of participants during the program?

Participants are expected to: 

  • Be respectful and arrive on time for program activities;

  • Look after themselves, their room, and do their own laundry; and 

  • Travel independently and learn the routes within the program locations. 

Upon arrival, where do participants meet and who will they meet?

Participants will meet at the Toronto Pearson International Airport and be greeted by the National SCORE Program Coordinator. The Coordinator will communicate travel arrangements to ensure a safe and smooth arrival.

Where do participants stay and what is the accommodation like?

For the first portion of the program, participants will stay in residence at the University of Toronto Scarborough. For the second portion, participants will stay in the cabins at Lake Joe. Participants will share a room with a fellow SCORE participant.

What are meals like?

At the University of Toronto Scarborough, meals are prepared by their on-campus caterer. We will also visit restaurants when we are in Scarborough. At Lake Joe, meals are prepared by their in-house chef. We promise you won't be hungry!

Are participants expected to travel throughout Toronto independently?

No, when traveling off-site, the group will always be together. CNIB staff and volunteers help provide sighted-guide. Participants are expected to travel independently around campus and Lake Joe (orientation is provided).  

What do participants need to bring?

Participants are asked to bring an electronic copy of the resume they submitted (for example on a USB). Other than that, participants aren't expected to bring anything special other than the personal items they feel they will need for the 12 days. A suggested packing list will be provided. Participants can bring their cell phones, laptops, and any other technology, but are completely responsible for them.  

Who pays for this program experience?

Generous donors, both corporate and individual, make this program experience possible. 

Is there an opportunity for a potential applicant to speak to a former National SCORE Program participant before they send in their application?

Yes! Contact the National SCORE Program Coordinator, so you can be put you in touch with someone who has completed the program.