National SCORE Program

About the National SCORE Program

CNIB's National SCORE Program is a unique summer experience for Canadian individuals who are blind or partially sighted and between 16 to 21 years of age.  This program is geared toward high school students who are interested in pursuing post-secondary education.

This year the program will be held from Wednesday, July 19th to Sunday, July 30th between the University of Toronto Scarborough in Scarborough, Ontario and the CNIB Lake Joseph Centre in the District of Muskoka.

Our SCORE philosophy is that we believe that the right balance of opportunities to discover, learn, share, build on strengths, and play will lead a motivated individual with a successful future.

The program focuses on pre-employment skills, academic readiness skills, independence, and youth development.  This year, the first five days will be spent at the University of Toronto Scarborough focusing on pre-employment and academic readiness skills with the following seven days spent at the CNIB Lake Joseph Centre.  Active learning sessions are complimented by many, fun sport and recreational activities (like swimming, tandem biking, and water tubing), visiting trendy restaurants and local attractions.

Ten participants will be selected from across Canada to participate in the program.  Participants must be ready to learn and engage in meaningful discussions and activities.  Participants will get involved in educational workshops led by professional staff and guest presenters.  CNIB staff provide orientation and mobility support, independent living skill support, and career education.

Program Cost

The National SCORE Program is offered free of charge to participants.  The cost of flights, accommodation, meals, and program expenses covered by generous donors.  However, participants are expected to bring their own spending money.