Product Instructions

You have two choices to access either the large print of audio versions of instructions: you can either read the instructions straightaway on this visit or download them to your system and save them for later or repeated use.

Select either "Open" to read the instructions straightaway or "Save" to download your instructions file to your system; CNIB strongly recommends the "Save" option.

If you select "Save", your system will open up a dialogue box, which will ask you where in your computer to put the file; you may want to create a new sub-folder on your "C" drive for this purpose, under the "My documents" main folder.

Your system will also prompt you for a file name to use. You might want to use the SKU number code of the product, or any other expression that makes sense for you.

After entering the destination for the file and the file name select "Save". By saving the file you will have the instructions available to you at any time, you can re-read them at your leisure and you will avoid the interruption in playback that can happen with audio files, especially if your Internet connection is slow at the time or your computer's memory is fully occupied. Once saved, your system will file the instructions as you wished and then return you to the page containing the instruction file tables, in case you wish to read or download additional sets of instructions.

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