Product Instructions

Instructions for setting and operating many CNIB products are available in both audio and large print formats.

This page contains links to a listing of instructions for the more complex talking products currently available from CNIB. An archive of every set of instructions CNIB has ever constructed since October 2009 is also listed under the Archive heading.

To access the current products navigate down to the table below the words, "Latest products". This table shows the product code, or SKU as well as the item description in the left hand columns. Adjacent to the product description in the column headed "Word Files" is the link to a large print set of instructions. The audio file is to the right of the Word version in the column headed "Audio Files".

Following the listing of the latest products is a link to the archive of all instructions for both current and discontinued items. Select the "Archive Products" link to access the archive which is arranged in an identical table.

To return to the webstore's main page, select the "Return to Webstore Homepage" link at the bottom of this page.

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Latest Products Description Word Files Audio Files
LIV-031-321-0001 Quantum Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Word1 Audio1
LIV-041-329-0001 Quantum Talking Count Up/Down Timer Word2 Audio2
LIV-091-319-0000 Quantum Talking Memo Round Word3 Audio3
LIV-091-321-0000 Quantum Digital 12 Minute Voice Recorder Word4 Audio4
LIV-091-349-0000 Quantum Personal Digital Talking Memo Word5 Audio5
MED-021-321-0001 Quantum Talking Blood Pressure Monitor - Wrist Word6 Audio6
Quantum Talking Oral Thermometer - Fahrenheit and Celsius Word7 Audio7
MED-021-339-0000 Quantum Talking Pedometer with Pulse Meter Word8 Audio8
MED-021-342-0003 Quantum Talking Blood Pressure Monitor - Arm Word9 Audio9
MED-030-400-4001 XL Cuff for Quantum Talking Blood Pressure Monitor - Arm Word10 Audio10
Men's/Women's Quantum Talking Round Watch Word11 Audio11
TIM-141-511-3110series Quantum Fashion Talking/Analogue Watch without Alarm Word12 Audio12
TIM-141-511-3410series Quantum Fashion Talking/Analogue Watch with Alarm Word13 Audio13
TIM-143-325-3413 Quantum Talking Multifunction Sports Watch Word14 Audio14
TIM-143-525-3440 Quantum Talking 4 Alarm Sports Watch Word15 Audio15
TIM-220-320-3710 Quantum Compact Talking Travel Alarm Clock Word16 Audio16
TIM-230-320-3017 UFO Talking Alarm Clock Word17 Audio17
TIM-230-520-3720 Quantum Compact Talking Desk Clock - Silver Word18 Audio18
TIM-230-520-3721 Quantum Compact Talking Desk Clock - Black Word19 Audio19
TIM-230-520-3840 Quantum Talking Desk Clock in Silver/Gray Colour Word20 Audio20

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