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Latest Products Description Word Files Audio Files
LIV-031-321-0001 Quantum Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Word1 Audio1
LIV-041-329-0001 Quantum Talking Count Up/Down Timer Word2 Audio2
LIV-091-319-0000 Quantum Talking Memo Round Word3 Audio3
LIV-091-321-0000 Quantum Digital 12 Minute Voice Recorder Word4 Audio4
LIV-091-349-0000 Quantum Personal Digital Talking Memo Word5 Audio5
MED-021-321-0001 Quantum Talking Blood Pressure Monitor - Wrist Word6 Audio6
Quantum Talking Oral Thermometer - Fahrenheit and Celsius Word7 Audio7
MED-021-339-0000 Quantum Talking Pedometer with Pulse Meter Word8 Audio8
MED-021-342-0003 Quantum Talking Blood Pressure Monitor - Arm Word9 Audio9
MED-030-400-4001 XL Cuff for Quantum Talking Blood Pressure Monitor - Arm Word10 Audio10
Men's/Women's Quantum Talking Round Watch Word11 Audio11
TIM-141-511-3110series Quantum Fashion Talking/Analogue Watch without Alarm Word12 Audio12
TIM-141-511-3410series Quantum Fashion Talking/Analogue Watch with Alarm Word13 Audio13
TIM-143-325-3413 Quantum Talking Multifunction Sports Watch Word14 Audio14
TIM-143-525-3440 Quantum Talking 4 Alarm Sports Watch Word15 Audio15
TIM-220-320-3710 Quantum Compact Talking Travel Alarm Clock Word16 Audio16
TIM-230-320-3017 UFO Talking Alarm Clock Word17 Audio17
TIM-230-520-3720 Quantum Compact Talking Desk Clock - Silver Word18 Audio18
TIM-230-520-3721 Quantum Compact Talking Desk Clock - Black Word19 Audio19
TIM-230-520-3840 Quantum Talking Desk Clock in Silver/Gray Colour Word20 Audio20
TIM-260-322-3110 Quantum Talking Key Chain Clock Word21 Audio21
WRI-011-322-0000 Talking/High Visibility Desktop Calculator Word22 Audio22
WRI-011-322-0003 Talking 8 Digit Desktop Calculator Word23 Audio23
WRI-018-321-0000 Quantum Large LCD Talking/Low Vision Calculator Word24 Audio24

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