Recruitment Criteria for Volunteer Puppy Raisers

*We are not currently recruiting Volunteer Puppy Raisers. We encourage you to sign up for our 'Guide Dog Gazette' Newsletter to stay up-to-date on CNIB Guide Dogs. We will notify you if we start recruiting again. 

Applicants to become Volunteer Puppy Raisers need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years or older (kids can help – but must be supervised!)
  • Love dogs (whether or not they own or have experience raising one)
  • Have lots of patience, time and perseverance
  • Be prepared to commit a lot of time to working with the puppy in many different environments and situations
  • Ideally live in a house with an enclosed, secure yard.
  • Preferably not work, or work part-time, or be able to take the puppy to work daily (depending on the circumstances)
  • Understand they will not be able to leave the puppy on its own for more than three hours, and even then, only once the puppy has gradually become accustomed to being left
  • Be flexible in their dog training and caring ideas in order to comply with CNIB guide dog training methods
  • If other pets live in the home, they must be well-behaved and tolerant of another dog in the home
  • Have daily access to a vehicle suitable for transporting a puppy
  • Be willing to agree to the terms and conditions of the Guide Dog Puppy Raiser's Agreement.