About Volunteer Puppy Raisers

What do Volunteer Puppy Raisers do?

  • Provide a loving home to a puppy in training from around eight weeks old until they are about 12 to 15 months old when they move out to work with their trainer.
  • Help prepare puppies through a supervised obedience and socialization skills program. 

What are we looking for in a Volunteer Puppy Raiser?

Becoming a Volunteer Puppy Raiser for CNIB is very rewarding – but it's serious work. We have strict criteria for recruiting Volunteer Puppy Raisers, to ensure they can give our puppies the very best chance of becoming successful guide dogs.

You can read about our specific criteria here, but in two shakes of a puppy dog's tail, we're looking for volunteers aged 18+ who:

  • LOVE dogs, first and foremost!
  • Can provide a comfortable and secure home environment where dogs can safely learn, play and explore
  • Can invest the necessary time to train and socialize a puppy in a wide range of environments and situations – including bringing them to work, if you are employed
  • Are flexible, open-minded and willing to follow our puppy care and training philosophies.

Where are opportunities available?

We are currently recruiting Volunteer Puppy Raisers in:

  • North Toronto, Markham, Aurora and Newmarket
  • Halifax
  • Winnipeg

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