CNIB Guide​ Dogs

About our Pr​ogram

CNIB is starting its 100th year with the launch of a new program to raise and train guide dogs – exclusively for people with sight loss. CNIB Guide Dogs has been designed to provide the range of choices, services and opportunities that Canadians with sight loss have told us they want.

Our ​vision

The goal of CNIB Guide Dogs is to expand the choices and opportunities available to blind and partially sighted Canadians wishing to acquire a guide dog to enhance their mobility and independence.
Our program is designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the blind and partially sighted community, and managed to the most rigorous of quality standards. It will also include ongoing efforts to ensure the built environment and social attitudes change to a universal acceptance, recognition and understanding of guide dogs. 

Our philoso​phy

Blindness​ is our focus

Our program will maintain an unwavering focus on blindness. This means CNIB will raise, train and match dogs exclusively for people who are blind or partially sighted.

A person-ce​ntric approach

All elements of our program will be orchestrated around a complete view of the needs and interests of Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. From the point someone with sight loss decides to pursue guide dog training, to the placement of the dog with their user, and throughout the dog's working life, we'll provide all the support that's needed. This includes a wide range of supplementary services and training, from peer support to advocacy and more.

Flexibility a​nd convenience, coast to coast

Our program will provide a convenient and accessible option for Canadians who are blind or partially sighted in every part of the country. Our Guide Dog Mobility Instructors will provide training where it best meets the needs of the guide dog partnership and offers the maximum potential for success. This will be completed either in a central location or the guide dog user's home.

Superior qu​ality standards

Our program will provide dogs that meet the absolute highest in international health and quality standards. Our dogs will come from expert sources with a proven record of superior quality in producing guide dogs for people who are blind.

Positive traini​​ng philosophies

Our guide dog program embraces a balanced training philosophy based on industry best practices. Dogs will be trained by qualified staff to reach a standard of guide work and social behavior that meets or exceeds International Guide Dog Federation standards.

Learn more and get involved

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Did you miss our news conference about the launch?

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