The CNIB TAPE Measure

 The CNIB Tool to Assess Preparedness for Employment (CNIB TAPE Measure) is an instrument for use in assessing the degree to which necessary factors for work success are in place for people. The CNIB TAPE was designed primarily for persons who are blind or visually impaired.      

Development of the TAPE Measure
The CNIB TAPE Measure was developed as the result of a three year long study and was funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, and CNIB. Scores on each scale of the tool have shown a statistical relationship to employment status.

Scope of TAPE Measure
The CNIB TAPE Measure was designed to be as comprehensive as possible but does not include all factors related to employment. Many factors affecting employment opportunities such as employer attitudes about the abilities of people with vision loss cannot be measured with this instrument.  Ideally, the CNIB TAPE Measure should be used in conjunction with other appropriate assessment tools and personal inventories. It does not cover everything that could be assessed, but it is unique as it is based on a model of success and has been tested with persons who are blind or visually impaired. When using it, please factor in the individual’s work interests and personal wishes. Also, note that the stats and validation of the CNIB TAPE is based on a single sample of persons with vision loss.  We ask the research community to help us develop baseline scores for different groups.  

Versions of the TAPE Measure
Two versions of the tool are currently available.  TAPEM-Research includes all scales and can be used to assess patterns in groups or study samples. TAPEM-Practitioner is meant for vocational counselors, educators, guidance counselors, and family members to provide support to people wanting to improve their opportunities for employment. This version can also be used by individuals to identify their own areas of strength or need.

Acquiring and Using the CNIB TAPE Measure
Please click here to download the CNIB TAPE Measure.

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