Success Factors in Getting a Job

Dates: 2004 - 2007
Funder: Social Development Partnerships Program, Government of Canada
Full Project Title: "Identifying the Facilitators of Successful Employment for Persons who are living with vision loss: A Critical Analysis and Pathways to Changes in Policy and Practice"
Contact: Research Administration Coordinator, CNIB Research, Tel: 416-486-2500 ext. 7622, Email:


The Success Factors project examined the elements that enable people living with vision loss to find gainful employment. The findings were then be used to develop a tool that can be used to assess likelihood of finding work and identify areas where intervention might help enhance opportunities in the work world.

Phase 1

The first phase of the study was focused on learning more about factors that are linked to success in finding work and the creation of a comprehensive list of "employment success facilitators". In this phase of the study we first conducted a comprehensive review of the employment literature in the field of vision loss in other disability fields; and in the generic literature on employment. Based on the literature review we developed a preliminary list of "Employment Facilitators".

Focus groups were then held (conducted in March 2005) across Canada with consumers, rehabilitation workers and employers. Input from participants enabled us to further develop this list of employment success facilitators.

Preliminary results from the focus groups were presented at CNIB's National Braille Conference in October 2005, and at the National Consultation on Career Development (NATCON) in January 2006.

In the final stage of Phase 1, a survey was developed (called the "Employment Facilitators Survey") and administered to full time employed people living with vision loss. Another version of the survey was administered to hiring managers of employees with vision loss. This survey has enabled us to collect additional information about employment success facilitators in a very systematic way and further refine our list of success factors.

Phase II

The first step in phase II was to design a preliminary version of the proposed tool (used to assess likelihood of finding work) based on the employment success facilitators identified in Phase I. The preliminary version of the tool was administered to both employed and unemployed people with vision loss. Statistical analyses allowed us to assess the association between each of our success factors (identified in Phase 1) and current employment status. Based on these analyses, success factors in the tool will be weighted accordingly and the tool further refined.