Volunteer Opportunities


We are always looking for volunteers for our various events, in the Montreal and Quebec City areas. Here are some exemples of our needs:

  • SPECIAL EVENTS The CNIB Quebec team organizes several events each year, including fund-raising events, sensitization workshops, information sessions and many others! We often require volunteers to help us make these very important days possible. If you know people who wish to volunteer for a few hours occasionally, please do refer them to us! 

  • ACTIVITIES ANIMATOR AND SPEAKERS CNIB Quebec wants to offer more activities in our office. We are looking for volunteers linving in Montreal area with various passions, talents or competence to offer workshops, activities or conferences to our clients. 

  • MASCOT We are seeking volunteers to wear a carrot costume, which is the mascot of the CNIB. These volunteers would be required to wear the mascot costume at various events. Ideal height and weight to wear the costume: between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 2 inches and between approximately 170 and 200 pounds. Desired qualities: energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment spending time around groups of people.

  • VIDEO EDITING We are looking for a volunteer who has the necessary equipment to create short video montages and who is ready to give us a hand. These brief videos will help us promote our services.

  • CALLING DONORS INCA is looking for volunteers available a few hours per week to contact the donors, thank them and raise their awareness about vision loss. We look for people that are good listeners, professional, and who ideally have experience in customer.







For additional information, please contact us at: