CNIB TechnoVision 2013

Friday, October 11th, 2013, 9am to 5pm

Hotel Sandman, 999 rue de Sérigny, Longueuil (QC) J4K 2T1

The next edition of TechnoVision, organized annually by CNIB, will take place in Montreal on October 11th, 2013.

TechnoVision is one of the country's greatest gatherings of vision health professionals, community organizations, rehabilitation centres, assistive technology distributors, people living with vision loss, their family and caregivers, as well as the general public.

Join us to discover programs and services offered and the latest technology specifically designed for people living with vision loss. A draw of assistive products will take place at 3pm.

To experience TechnoVision accessibility, download from your smart phone Sight Compass free application distributed by Cecitech, available from October 9. For the first time in Canada, Sight Compass will guide people throughout the fair!

Our 14 exhibitors: Humanware, Audiotheque, Canadialog, CNIB, AQPEHV, E-Sight, Horizon-Travail, INLB, MAB Mackay, Point par Point , Cecitech, ASAM, Optelec, AMI TV, and possibly more.

Conferences (in French):


Cecitech, Nicole Segal: Voiceye application, the new way to access printed material for blind or partially sighted people.


INLB, Marc St-Onge and Tommy Théberge: Innovative ways to make information accessible to blind or partially sighted people.


Miguel Ross: Free software service eAccessibility


AMI-TV, Taylor Turner: Attend a descriptive video demonstration.

Places are limited for conferences. To register for TechnoVision Event: (please enter your personal information twice) or call: 514-934-4622 ext. 223

There will be a special draw for those who register in advance.

TechnoVision 2013 is made possible thanks to the generous contribution of Humanware.  

Thank you to our sponsors: