Support groups

For people who have lost their sight, connecting with others who have experienced the same thing can make a world of difference toward rebuilding confidence, independence and a sense of hope. Research indicates that peer support reduces the incidence of depression and isolation associated with sight loss while helping people gain self-confidence and improve the quality of their lives. 

Here are the differtens support groups offered at CNIB Quebec in English:
Adjustement to sight loss 
To support to those who are trying to adjust to the psychological and practical challenges of vision loss. These group of 6 weeks are offer by a psychosocial counsellor. Participants can share their stories and feelings, give advice and learn about adhusting to their new reality. 

Where? By phone and in CNIB Quebec Office depending of the session
Support group for caregivers

A woman with her husband siting and smiling

This is a support group that will take place for a duration of six weeks. It will be facilitated by a psychosocial counsellor. The objectives of this group are to reduce the isolation of caregivers, to allow them to exchange with individuals who are experiencing a similar situation, prevent exhaustion and allow them to learn tips and tricks that they can use to take better care of themselves while respecting the autonomy of the individual who is living with vision loss. 

If you live with  vision loss, do not hesitate to  mention this group to your friends and relatives who provide you with support. They may be able to better support you.

Where? By phone and in CNIB Quebec Office depending of the session


To participate in this group, you must care for a friend or a relative living with vision loss.


Parenting with Vision Loss Support Group (baby to young children focus)

A pregnant woman touching her belly 

The goal of  this group is to help new or future parents who are living with sight loss to develop adaptation strategies and to become more autonomous within your new or future role. It was created especially for you to have the opportunity to share your experiences and discover resources and tips and tricks which may make your daily lives easier. In addition, you will be better able to identify your fears related to your new or future parental role, and discuss ways of overcoming these fears.


In the comfort of your home, via telephone.

This group is offered by CNIB Ontario and people in Quebec are welcome to participate.


To participate in this group, you must live with vision loss and have a child between the ages of 0-5 years or want to have a baby soon.



Peer support groups

 Peer support groups are giving by trained volunteers, they are recommand to people who is well adapted to their sight lost. The goal of peer supports groups are to break isolation and increase autonomy.

Participants choose the subjects they want to talk about. These groups connect participants on a variety of topics and issues, providing a chance for fun, friendship, sharing and learning. 

How to register for one of the groups?


Please contact  Najla Noori, Peer Support Program Lead by email at or by phone at 514 934-4622 ext. 232.