Local Programs & Services

The following programs and services are offered in Quebec:

Vision Health Promotion

Through promotional and educational campaigns, and various shows and events, we distribute information on vision health, prevention and vision loss.

Registration and Referral

If you are facing vision problems, we can help you identify your needs and goals and direct you to the appropriate resources, whether they are at CNIB, a rehabilitation centre or a community organization. This is also where you can find information about our special programs like the CNIB ID Card, Christmas Hampers and the CNIB Guide Dog Assistance Fund.

Psychosocial Services

We are here to offer support to those who are trying to adjust to the psychological and practical challenges of vision loss.

Computer Training and Support

We offer comprehensive computer training using screen magnifiers or screen readers, as well as a technical support service.


Thousands of titles and resources in alternate formats for print-disabled individuals.


World-class research focused on better serving and improving the quality of life for people living with vision loss.

Assistive Products Store

Thousands of specialized products and technology to make living with vision loss a whole lot easier at home, work and school.


To eliminate discrimination and ensure all Canadians should have full and equal access to the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, regardless of vision loss.