CNIB Ontario-West Foundation Community and Consumer Advisory Panel

As Executive Director for the Ontario-West Foundation, and on behalf of our Ontario-West Advisory Board, I am extending to you, an invitation, to participate in our regional Community and Consumer Advisory Panel.
This broad-based advisory panel will help to inform the Ontario-West Advisory Board, the Executive Director, and the CNIB Foundation, of systemic, regional, and community-based challenges and opportunities for individuals who are blind or partially-sighted.
As one of our Ontario-West Foundation advisors, you will have the opportunity to provide your perspective about current and future programs and services - sharing your opinions through periodic surveys, focus groups, tele-conferences, and more – helping to change what it is to be blind today. You will also have the opportunity to receive updates on activities and initiatives taking place throughout the Ontario-West region.
Your participation in any one of the "advisory opportunities" is not mandatory. Should any of the opportunities not suit your schedule or interests, you can decline at any time.
Please consider becoming part of the CNIB Ontario-West Foundation Team, and joining us as a Community and Consumer Advisory Panel member.

Robert Gaunt

Executive Director
Ontario-West Foundation


Vicki Mayer

Ontario-West Advisory Board