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In this section of our website, we offer you information about our programs and services offered to people who are Deafblind.
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What is Deafblindness?
Deafblindness is a distinct disability. It is a combined loss of hearing and vision to such an extent that neither the hearing nor vision can be used as a means of accessing information to participate and be included in the community.
When you think of the word "Deafblind", you probably imagine a world of total darkness and a complete lack of sound. If it happened to you, how would you communicate? How would you access information? How would you get around?
In actual fact, most people who are Deafblind usually have some degree of vision and/or hearing. They can have a high quality of life. They can get an education. They can be employed. And they can form rewarding relationships. But they need help to do it.
CNIB is one of a number of organizations that provides programming to empower people who are Deafblind to live as independently as possible in their environment, including in the broader community.
Approximately 65,000 Canadians are Deafblind. Less than six per cent of individuals who are Deafblind are employed. 

Client & Staff Impact Stories and Profiles

Every June is Deafblind Awareness Month. Deafblind Awareness Month was started in 2015 as a way to help Canadians develop an understanding of, and a comfort, with the people in our communities who live with Deafblindness.

To celebrate, we talked to clients and staff so that we could share their stories with you.

Check out our series of client stories and profiles.

June 7th Blog:
Tactile Revered by Janine Tucker, Provincial Project Coordinator, Deafblind Services - Deafblind Literacy

June 14th Blog:
10 communication tips that help me do a better job by Maureen O'Brien, Intervenor, CNIB Ontario

June 21st Blog:
London client shares her experiences with CNIB Deafblind Services

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Contact Us
Beverly Morris, Manager, Deafblind Services, London
Phone: 519 685-8420 x.5103
Jessica White, Manager, Deafblind Services, Ottawa
Phone: 613 563-4021 x.5016
Alice Burton, Manager, Deafblind Services, Toronto
Phone: 416 486-2500 x.8265
Tammy Taylor, Manager, Deafblind Services, Hamilton
Phone: 905 688-0022 x.5333
Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Deafblind Services/Deafblind Literacy Advisory Board

Bruce O'Neil
Denise Beaumont
Kelly Kimens
Penny Leclair
Robert Froom
Shari Bancarz
Veronica Trudell
CNIB Staff:
Sherry Grabowski, Provincial Director, Deafblind Services
Janine Tucker, Provincial Project Coordinator, Deafblind Services
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