​Shari Bancarz

Shari Bancarz.jpg

How long have you been a client of Deafblind Services?
"6 years."
How has being Deafblind impacted your life?
"Everything in my life changed – such as most of my friends avoiding me since I told them I am legally blind from glaucoma. I never dreamt it would happen to me but I still cope with life."

How has intervention impacted your life?

"It is really worthwhile to have intervenors – to have them help me; keep busy, with my chores, go to Senior Drop-In, medical appointments and provide communication with the world. It makes me feel good, my self-esteem is better and I'm happier."

What would you like to tell other people about Deafblindness or intervention?

"Most Deafblind people are lonesome, as I am.
Vision problems…some Deafblind people are born with Usher Syndrome, some Deafblind become blind from Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) when they get older, some Deafblind become blind from glaucoma, like me.
Intervenors are 'eyes' and guides. They are not interpreters. They are not caregivers. CNIB, Deafblind Services, offers [intervention] for what Deafblind people need, such as; grocery shopping, meetings, medical appointments and communication about the world."

Why is Deafblind awareness important to you?

"It is very important to expose people to gain more knowledge of what Deafblind people need. They are lonesome and need communication. People need to know what Deafblind people *CAN* do, such as knitting, sewing, do all different crafts, become a photographer, be a leader, an advocate and travel independently. It makes no difference being Deafblind. SMILE!"