Elizabeth Vanni 

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How long have you been a client of Deafblind Services?

"5 years."

How has being Deafblind impacted your life?

"I don't hear half of what people say. I get along fairly good and when I make a mistake I know what's caused it. I didn't hear it right or see it right so I have to ask people to repeat themselves and then I can get back on track. I've got good family, friends and intervenors who support me."

How has intervention impacted your life?

"They [intervenors] always help me figure out what’s in my best interest. I appreciate their knowledge and expertise and they help me be independent. I don't think I give them too hard of a time. I know they are always there to try and help me. They take me out shopping and to get errands done. At Christmas time they helped me find gifts for everyone on my list. If I need advice, they will help me.
My favourite thing about intervenors is that they are human people. They listen and think about what I ask. If what I'm saying isn't right, they will let me know. We never argue and always share ideas. We always laugh together. I like all my intervenors. There isn’t one I can say I dislike. Every single intervenor I have has been excellent. Things go smoothly when I have intervenors with me. I've got absolutely no complaints!"

What would you like to tell other people about Deafblindness or intervention?

"[Sometimes] I go without my hearing aid and I shouldn't. It's not a good idea. I've learned from it, if I have a problem, wear the things that will help me. It's a self-learning thing. You have to be aware that you have the problem and then you have to be aware that you must adjust the problem to make it viable. The intervenors always help me with my vision and hearing loss. I will never turn away help from an intervenor. I get so much help from all the [intervenors] that visit me. Take as much help as you can get! The intervenors have been so good!"

Why is Deafblind awareness important to you?

"It's important for people to learn about the struggles that I have, and also learn about the great support that I have. I have had nothing but a positive experience with intervenors."

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