Brittany, Specialist, Intervention

How long have you worked in Deafblind Services?

"3 and a half years."

Why did you get into the field?

"I got into the field by chance after completing the Interpreter program and applying to a job posting at CHKC, formally known as RCH. I was hired and the rest was history. I immediately fell in love with intervention and the work that we do."

What do you enjoy most about being an intervenor/working in the field?

"What I enjoy most about working in the field is the variety and the challenges that I face every day. I am constantly learning and it forces me to continually think outside the box."

What would you like people to know about Deafblindness?

"I would like people to look beyond a person’s disability and see them for who they are as a person. To take the time to acknowledge their needs and be understanding and have patience."

Why is Deafblind awareness important to you?

"Deafblind awareness is important to me as I would like our profession as intervenors to be recognized in the community by other professionals. I want to be seen as a professional and not as someone’s family member or volunteer.

Also, Deafblind awareness is important to me as I want people to understand that Deafblind doesn’t mean totally blind and totally deaf. There are varying degrees of both for all individuals and no one has the same experiences with their vision and hearing loss. Each person’s needs are different and it is important to consider that meeting and interacting with someone who is Deafblind."

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