CNIB Ontario Welcomes Photo ID Card

TORONTO, June 9, 2011 – CNIB is welcoming the photo identification card announced today by the Ontario Government.

"CNIB applauds the Ministry of Transportation's decision to issue this much needed photo identification card for Ontarians who do not drive, including people who are blind or partially sighted," says Paul Ting, Executive Director, CNIB. "This identification card will provide equal opportunity for Ontarians to access vital services."

Until today, the Ontario driver's license was the only Ontario Government-issued ID that was recognized and accepted by businesses, service providers and other governments under most circumstances.

Any citizen who is blind or partially sighted stands to benefit from today's announcement, as the card will help eliminate common barriers including denials of business services and serious impediments with voting and travel.

The number of consumers who require photo identification is expected to grow. In 2006, Statistics Canada confirmed the number of Ontarians identified as having a seeing disability is 371,000, an increase of 58 per cent since the 2001 census.