Help Us Fundraise

The Fundraising team at CNIB, which includes both paid staff and volunteers, consists of a number of people with different areas of specialty.

Some concentrate in Community Giving – working with communities (individuals and groups) to organize events and programs to raise funds for the cause. The people who support those events contribute relatively small amounts of money, but those small donations add up to significant dollars that fund many of the programs and services we provide.

Other members of the team focus on Major Gifts – significant donations from both individuals and organizations (companies, foundations, government ministries, etc.).

Both approaches to fundraising are important. You may find that one appeals to you and the other doesn't. You decide!

Fundraising activities include:
  • Community Giving often consists of fundraising events. CNIB's events not only enable us to generate revenue for our programs and services, but they also help to raise awareness about what we do and establish a sense of community spirit – engaging people in fun, fundraising activities right in their own backyards. Community Giving presents endless opportunities for volunteers to be involved.
    • Night Steps, CNIB's signature event, is a one-of-a-kind fundraising event, bringing families, friends and communities together for a five-kilometre walk under the stars. Participants take part in a family-focused night walk and community barbecue with local musicians.

      Night Steps demonstrates the power of pledge-based fundraising. You can participate in a CNIB Night Steps event. Alternatively, you can hold a Night Steps My Way event on your own or with a select few people. We have tools to get you started. To learn more about Night Steps and volunteering, visit
    • Third-Party Events: You can hold a fundraising event of your own choosing to support CNIB's Foundation. These events are only limited by your own imagination and can include anything from a car wash or a bake sale, or even a black-tie gala. To learn more about third-party events and volunteering, visit
      • One of our most popular third-party events is "Dining in the Dark". This can be held in your own home or in a community setting such as a local restaurant. Dinner guests pay for a ticket and enjoy a delicious meal without the benefit of sight – either by turning off the lights or supplying blindfolds for the guests. To learn more about how to organize a Dining in the Dark event, visit
  • Team CNIB is a fundraising initiative designed to capitalize on the many athletic events and challenges that are open to the public across the country. To join Team CNIB, you register for an established event in your community, such as a marathon, walk-a-thon or boat race. You set up a Team CNIB online donation page and collect pledges from your friends, family and others to sponsor you for the event. To learn more, visit
  • Major Gifts is the program involving our team working with individuals, foundations and businesses, to name a few who have are interested in becoming a significant funding partner with CNIB in order to make a difference. Volunteers often assist this effort by sharing their networks and partnering with our staff to reach out to the community to find the right fit.
  • Lotteries and Gaming provide CNIB with another revenue source. Through these programs, CNIB uses its official gaming license to sell lottery products at 72 Walmart stores and we operate kiosks in 19 shopping centres across Ontario, Manitoba and Atlantic Canada. Volunteers can help by promoting our kiosks and lottery products in shopping centres.
To learn more in general:
Different fundraising volunteer options
  • Hold an event, for example a Dining in the Dark event, a block party, a garage sale, a community walk, run, bike or dance, etc. The possibilities are endless!
Other ways you can help
  • Assist before or at an event
  • Fundraise in memory of a loved one
  • Provide professional office support
  • Share your contacts of potential donors/sponsors
  • Volunteer in one of our stores
  • Promote our lottery kiosks and products in shopping centres
  • Conduct face-to-face fundraising
  • The above list is just a number of examples of ways you can contribute. If you have other suggestions, we would love to hear them!