June and George Feswick

“I had never volunteered before and George and I could never have imagined the opportunities that are out there for someone experiencing vision loss.” — June Feswick

Color Picture of June and George FeswickJune Feswick is very open about how her husband’s vision loss changed their lives in so many ways. “When George suffered a stroke he lost a good portion of his vision and that resulted in us not only modifying the way we managed our day-to-day activities, but how we would reach out to help others.

You do not realize the impact of vision loss until you or someone you love experiences it. At first, I panicked, and then I tried to compensate for George’s vision loss. I would try to do everything for him because I wanted him to be happy and safe. Not being able to read, use his tools, or be independently mobile was frustrating for him. I knew I had to do something so, after some discussion and a little encouragement, George and I decided to talk to CNIB.

Together we began attending a CNIB peer support program called Adjustment to Vision Loss. We soon learned that no matter what level of vision loss you are experiencing, there are other ways to do what you enjoy the most. It also helped me better understand how I could help.

George and I began assisting with the program. We were invited to join CNIB’s volunteer program and I found myself wondering why I had never considered volunteering before. When the opportunity for us to facilitate the program came along, we were ready, willing, and able to step up. We had learned so much from this program and we knew that by sharing our experiences, we would be able to make a difference in the lives of others living with vision loss and their families. It has been quite a journey. It has in so many ways made us stronger and more aware of what is going on around us. It has changed our lives.

We plan to continue volunteering at CNIB and we encourage anyone who has been impacted by vision loss to not give up. With the right tools and training anything is possible. For those who, like me, had never considered volunteering, it can be the most rewarding experience of your life. CNIB has a wide range of essential and fulfilling programs to suit your interests and experiences.” ​​​