Community Activities

Adjustment to Vision Loss

The Adjustment to Vision Loss Program (AVL) provides information and support for people who are experiencing vision loss. This group session meets weekly over a period of seven to eight weeks to learn about CNIB services and share experiences with others in a similar situation. There is a positive focus of building on strengths and finding solutions to successfully strategize and cope with the challenges of vision loss. Programs are offered in face-to-face group sessions, via the telephone or online.

For Information regarding upcoming sessions, please contact Maryann Robinson at 902-453-1480, ext. 237 or

Enhancing Accessibility for Pedestrians

CNIB invites you to take part in local committees focusing on safe and accessible travel for people with vision loss. Among our activities:

  1. Provide education and awareness about accessibility design.
  2. Assess intersections for accessible pedestrian signals and advocate for installation.
  3. Promote proper design and placement of curb ramps.
  4. Identify travel hazards and advocate for removal.
  5. Advocate for better snow removal.

There are currently three active committees in Nova Scotia.

Community Committees

  • Halifax Regional Municipality - Visually Impaired Safe Travel Advocates (VISTA): Contact Patrick Harrington, Chair, at 453-0929.
  • Truro – Community Advocacy and Awareness Team (CAAT): Contact Peter Parsons, Orientation and Mobility Specialist, CNIB, 453-1480, extension 261.
  • Sydney - Enhancing Accessibility for Pedestrians (EAP): Contact Raymond Young, Chair, 439-2797.