​Nova Scotia Programs

CNIB offers a range of programs and services aimed at enhancing quality of life for Nova Scotians who are blind or partially sighted and their families.

Most of these programs are offered at no charge to participants, thanks to the generosity of our donors. To learn more, please.
Take a look at our program offering below for more information. For specific information contact;
Jeff deViller
Manager, Foundation Programs and Program Lead
P. (902) 456-5982
If you are interested in vision loss rehabilitation services, those services are offered by Vision Loss Rehabilitation Nova Scotia, a CNIB organization. Certified specialists provide training that enables people who are blind or partially sighted to develop or restore key daily living skills, helping enhance their independence, safety, mobility and emotional well-being. These specialists work closely with ophthalmologists, optometrists and other health care professionals, providing essential care on a referral basis in homes and communities across Nova Scotia.

The following rehabilitation services are available through Vision Loss Rehabilitation Nova Scotia:
  • Low vision services: to help you learn to use the sight you have left 
  • Essential skills of daily living: to help you build the skills you need live safely and independently
  • Travel and mobility instruction: to help you learn to travel safely and independently with vision loss
  • Adjustment to vision l​oss: counselling to help adjust to the social and emotional impact of vision loss​
For more information on rehabilitation services, visit ns.visionlossrehab.ca. 
Our Peer Support Programs ensure individuals with vision loss have ongoing opportunities to connect either one-to-one and or attend monthly peer support groups.  
  • One-to-One Peer Support Program
  • Monthly Peer Support Program
  • Family Peer Support Program
  • Parenting with Vision Loss Peer Support Program
  • Parenting Children with Vision Loss Peer Support Program
  • Post-Secondary Peer Support Program
The Vision Mate Program matches individuals living with vision loss with specially-trained volunteers who offer companionship and one-on-one assistance with day-to-day tasks and errands.

Children and Youth Programs offer a range of peer support and camp experiences where kids can just be kids, while learning about self-advocacy, developing leadership skills, and making new friends.
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Youth Discussion Group
  • Youth Retreat
Our Recreation Programs provide an opportunity for individuals with vision loss to connect with others who have similar interests – from self-defence, knitting, painting and sculpting to a love of books, walking and movies.
  • Audio Book Club
  • Create Night
  • Family Fun Days
  • Knitting Club
  • Walking Club
  • Living Safe

Our Advocacy Program is aimed at breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive society in which people with vision loss can thrive. ​