Ron's Story

Islander with AMD learns to do things differently

Ron enjoying the company of his grandsonWhen age-related macular degeneration stole Ron Moore’s sight in 2002, his life was suddenly full of unknowns. Everyday activities Ron had once taken for granted – like telling time, reading the newspaper and using the telephone – became daily struggles.

With Ron’s diagnosis, he had many questions about the limitations this would pose for his future. That’s when Ron turned to CNIB for assistance. The CNIB Library gave Ron access to thousands of talking books, newspapers and magazines to satisfy his love of reading.

Ron found products at Shop CNIB – including talking watches, magnifiers, prescription glasses and large print playing cards – that helped him do the things he loved.

“Just because you have to do things in a different way, doesn’t mean you should stop doing them,” says Ron.

Ron didn’t let vision loss get in his way of leading a fulfilling life. When he lost his vision, Ron was operating a computer consulting business. With continued support from CNIB’s assistive technology specialist and Ron’s close friends, he was able to continue this business until his retirement in 2011.

Nowadays, Ron can be found enjoying the company of his grandchildren and advocating for Islanders who are blind or partially sighted as a CNIB ambassador.

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